This is the creative hub for research dialogue and ideas for the new creation by Pavlos Kountouriotis for the students of the SOZO-VIM!


The research deals with elements of composition and more specifically in trying to identify different understandings and outcomes of the fugue and the chord for different musicians/ video artists and choreographers. The work does not try to come up with a definition of a fugue and the chord, but rather aims at showing the plurality of visions which can only be possible when transposing the original work in a different art genre.

In 2013, Pavlos was invited at SOZO to lead another research whose outcome was called PTOSIS, a minimalist, repetitive choreography which was made by constructing a score for 5 dancers of 5 different falls. The work was praised for two of its elements:

  1. its insistence to repetition and presented at the ‘On Repetition’ symposium at Anglia Ruskin University (for more info click here)
  2. its method of facilitation of choreographic work done for students which was presented at the IDOC  (for more info click here)

During PTOSIS, Fenia Kotsopoulou was acting as an assistant choreographer and started taking some videos and photos of the creative process. Noone would have thought that actually she would, in the end, come up with a documentation of the research process.

Pavlos and Fenia would like to continue on this research on writing scores, facilitating choreographic work for students and finding appropriate methods for artistic documentation of a research process. This website is an exposition of all the different steps, thoughts, worries and questions that rise up from the beginning of the project till the end.